Peer-reviewed Publications

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In Preparation

“Racialized and Gendered Ecologies of Risk in the Hyperperiphery of São Paulo,” article

“The Biennalization of Latin American Peripheries,” article

“The Architecture of the Grey Rents,” article with Vinícius Spira, University of São Paulo

São Paulo at the Edge, Book, Studio X, Milan, Series Terrae (expected 2024)


Materiality as a Method,” Research Fieldwork, with Nora Morales (Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico City) and Ralf Korbmacher (University of São Paulo)

“Social & Cultural Processes in Architecture & Urban Design,” Course restructuring for American Culture requirement, 2018-2019, with Leonardo Chiesi (Univerity of Florence) and Galen Cranz (UC Berkeley)

(Re)thinking South Discussion Series,” UC Berkeley, Diversity Platforms Award, 2016, with Marianella D’Aprile


Broadly Experienced Architect.” NCARB, Chicago, 2016

Conference Activity 

“Racialized and Gendered Ecologies along the Riverbanks,” LASA Conference, April 2021.

“The Biennalization of a Periphery of the Global South,” SAH Conference, Montréal, April 2021.

“Sensescapes of Difference in the Peripheral Frontier,” Cross-disciplinary Approaches to Urban Space, UC Berkeley, May 2020.

Uneven Ground: Frontiers of Urbanization and Difference in São Paulo’s Periphery,” States of Space: Critical Geographies in Contemporary Brazil, BRASA 2020 (Brazilian Studies Association), University of Texas, Austin, March 2020.

Black Cultural Politics transforming Urban Subjectivities in the Peripheries of São Paulo,” Cross-disciplinary Approaches to Urban Space, University of Florence, June 2018.

“Building Humanitarian ‘Expertise’ in Ouagadougou,” Landscapes of Humanitarian Expertise, American Association of Geographers, Boston, MA, April 2017.

“Towards a more Inclusive City? Architecture and Social Justice in São Paulo,” Cross-disciplinary Approaches to Urban Space, University of Florence, June 2016.

“Bottom-Up Incremental Urbanism,” International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 2014.

Invited Talks

Topographies of Difference in the Peripheries of São Paulo,” University of Trento, Department of Sociology and Social Sciences, December 2020.

“Relearning Architecture,” Social and Cultural Processes in Architecture and Urban Design, UC Berkeley, October 2018.

“Transformative Pedagogies in Architecture and Planning,” Seminar in Teaching of Architecture, UC Berkeley, January 2017.

“Global Archeology of Informality,” Understanding Informal Urbanization: between Different Narratives and Conflicting Meanings, Symposium, Keynote Speaker, Polytechnic of Milan, June 2016. 

“Spatial Justice: Social Justice through Space,” Social and Cultural Basis of Design, UC Berkeley, December 2015.

“Architecture and the Postcolonial: the CBF in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso,” Yale School of Design, April 2011.

“From Architecture to Reality,” Polytechnic of Milan, December 2010.


Co-organizer, Dispossession in Motion Workshop, UC Berkeley, 2020.

Coordinator, Ethnographic Methods for Design, Asian Neighborhood Design, Low-Income Adult Students, with the Collective Thread, San Francisco, 2016.

Juror, Art Flow: International Art Competition, The Bronx Museum of the Arts and Made Event, New York, 2011.

Reviewer​, ​Ardeth Journal​, Rosenberg & Sellier, 2017