Forte, Giuseppina, and Kuan Kwa (eds.). Embodying the Periphery. University of Florence Press (forthcoming, January 2021).


Interdisciplinary publication sponsored by the Global Urban Humanities Initiative at the University of California Berkeley (forthcoming, 2021). The book gathers contributions that look at the formation of embodied practices (through which people shape and respond to the built environment) in the periphery (considered as both a mode of production of space and topological anchor).

Embodying the Periphery gathers innovative and provoking contributions across geographies and historical timeframes that look at the formation of embodied practices and subjectivities in the periphery informing the urban imaginaries of a city biography. These practices include bodily resistance to forms of dispossessions, voluntary and forced migrations, squatting, occupying, social movements, embodied political action, interventions on the sensescape, performative experiments, artistic and aesthetic projects, dance, music, and sensuous alter-epistemologies, among others.