Theories and Methods in Teaching Architecture

The graduate seminar is intended as a space to share questions, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration that arise from your experience as a first-time GSI. The course covers specific aspects of teaching with an emphasis on modes of teaching within the discipline of architecture. The readings provide the framework for in-class discussions, while guest speakers will enrich the debate with their lived experience as teachers or counselors. Graduate students from other departments are welcome so that the workshop can benefit from cross-fertilization among diverse backgrounds and practices in different disciplines.

Graduate seminar, UC Berkeley (Spring 2016), sole instructor


  1. to become familiar with teaching/learning processes
  2. to foster learning environments 
  3. to design and implement everyday tools for teaching and evaluation
  4. to grade student work fairly, consistently, and efficiently 
  5. to support students overcoming challenges
  6. to improve teaching through ongoing assessment
  7. to develop effective strategies for addressing teaching challenges
  8. to gain more self-confidence in your teaching
  9. to articulate a statement of teaching philosophy