Critical Practice of Architecture

In the course, I build on my experience inside and outside academia to critically explore ways of seeing, knowing, and intervening in architectural practice that have sustained social inequality. We explore the potential and contradictions of activist interventions and possible openings for critical spatial practices.

Graduate seminar, Escola da Cidade, University of Architecture, São Paulo, (spring 2019), sole instructor.

The course is based on the analyses of case studies and approaches from architecture, urban studies, anthropology, and social history complemented by interactive sessions and debates with guest speakers.

Readings in English; discussions in Portuguese

As a Fulbright-Hays fellow, I run the class as an open course, in which the fee is intended to cover EDC’s administration and logistics costs only. Moreover, I share the preliminary outcomes of my research on epistemologies of architecture and planning related to my case study in the northern periphery of São Paulo.

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